Northbound: Lake County, CO

After I shot “Southbound,” which I posted yesterday, I turned, took three steps around and shot this. I used a very similar workflow, except this is a tad more contrasty (me being me, you know). Also, the light is a little different facing north. I then employed a cooler mild blue toner vs the ambrotype finish I used on “Southbound.” I’ll be interested to see what everyone makes of the contrast between the two.

Vote for Sammy (and Greg and Mike)

Hey everyone. I have entered the annual Doors Open Denver Photo Contest, although who can say why? I invite everyone to stop over to the contest page and if you think I’m worthy, throw me a vote. If not, go to the contest page and vote for whomever you think is worthy.

Also, I believe a couple more 5280LMers are entering – Greg Thow and Michael Pecaut. We’d be honored if you voted for their extremely nice work as well.

My three entries are “Ludwig” – the piano shot you’ve seen here – “8:14,” a detail of the clock at Union Station, and the Hostel Fish interior, “Skylight.”

The site is here.