from chaos, a sublime order.

an interesting take on the traditional “U” shaped motel/apartment court. to the right, four modular additions of trailers, randomly selected apparently. at the back, what appears to be the last of the original brick buildings. to the left, some incomprehensible building used for unknowable things. and dead-center, a large trailer behind the tree. somehow, it works. it reaches uneasily¬†in the mind¬†to being artful.

3 thoughts on “from chaos, a sublime order.

    • I have the same thoughts. Many stories, many characters creating themselves as I look at the images. I’m mostly a writer, (got two crime novels up on the Amazon thing) and I can’t help but think about who might be there, what they might be going through. It would be enlightening to poke around the place and talk with people and find out what they have to say.

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