3 thoughts on “Tucson, April, 2015.

  1. There is a feast of detail in this image – love this. I’m trying to organize a coherent comment without success. The palm trees really caught my fancy because just behind them are the electrical/telephone poles that appear to be decapitated palm trees. Interesting framing choice to withhold the right edge of the building in favor of the neighborhood to the left – which balances the blue sky to the right. Was that building a motel?

  2. I believe you’re right about it being a motel, Dawn. It’s at the end of Benson Highway, a very, very long stretch of straight road coming out of the desert on the south of Tucson that was lined in the 1950s? with nothing but motels. Even now, it’s still a fascinating drive for that factor. Glad you like it.

  3. This certainly satisfies my penchant for patterns and breaks in patterns. And the soft pastels add to the rich flavor of the image.

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