4 thoughts on “Oregon coast, 2015: waiting on the tsunami.

  1. That is an iconic capture of the PNW coastline – muted, partially misty and a lone straggly conifer. Lovely, thanks for sharing this view – I miss the coast, been inland for too long…

  2. These sorts of shots are always hard for me because I want everything crisp and clear and contrasty. Not really good with softer, hazier shots (which you’re always going to get by an ocean, with so much moisture in the air). Maybe this is all my years in Colorado affecting how I see the world? In any case, this is a wonderful handling of that kind of day.

    • Thank you, Sam. I continue to have the same struggle. Born and raised in Colorado, mucho time in Arizona … I want crisp images with no water haze anywhere. It still takes a conscious effort to beat that tendency down when I’m processing my beach shots. If I let that “crisp” urge win, I lose the mystery of the image that drew me to it in the first place.
      Dawn … you’re inland? Are you headed back sometime so you can shoot these grey rainy skies? Bad joke.

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