Roughneck Falls, Savoy, SD

Roughneck Falls, Savoy, SD

We spent a couple of nights at the Spearfish Canyon Lodge in Savoy, SD (near Lead, SD) in the Black Hills. Roughlock Falls is a mile or so up the road, with a couple of good views from below the falls.

Roughneck Falls, Savoy, SD

4 thoughts on “Roughneck Falls, Savoy, SD

    • Yes. This is 1.6s f/16. I’ve got a bunch of images at different shutter speeds to pick from and this is my fave. I went to this location with the specific desire to take the smooth water photo

    • One of the important lessons of this shoot was a reminder that long exposures and fluttering leaves can be:
      1) a bad combination;
      2) a really interesting look

      I’m not sure how to predict which of those will occur for any given shot, but it’s something I’ll be working with in the future.

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