Artist Point, Yellowstone

One of the things about this shot that intrigues me (because I don’t understand WHY it is that way) is how the water almost appears ‘laid in’ on top of the terrain, like it’s a composite shot.

7 thoughts on “Artist Point, Yellowstone

    • Nope. Single image, long exposure to smooth the water. Sharpening is whatever Lightroom does by default. I’ve got a test shot at 1/160 that does the same thing, so I don’t think it’s the long exposure.

  1. Beautiful shot Evan and I like the tall format that lets the viewer’s eye meander down the picture with the water. I agree with Greg that it was the length of exposure that smoothed the water and gave it this look…which I love! The color and texture of it reminds me of blue chalcedony.

  2. I think that illusion owes to the long exposure, which gives the water that silky quality. It’s at odds with the natural crispness of the rest of the terrain and that’s where the effect comes from. Maybe.

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