3 thoughts on “stayin’ alive …

  1. Back in 1978-80 (can’t remember which year), I was driving this area in my ’67 Datsun with more than 270,000 miles on it (I remember the mileage because the odometer broke and locked onto the number). It was like 2:37 in the morning. Burned out, I saw one of those pullover places in the road, parked the car, dragged my sleeping bag and myself over to a tree that looked a lot like this one does, and was asleep in seconds. I woke up some hours later to a family climbing out of their van parked next to my Datsun. They didn’t see me at first because there was a rise in the ground where the tree was and I was sleeping behind the tree-mound. I sat up when they got close and scared the shit out of everyone. The pleasure of that reaction is what your shot has brought to my mind, and there’s a smile on my lips as I write these words. I worry that the young boy might have gone on to become a politician and will do something that will screw with my Social Security because I proved to him at an early age that you can’t trust anyone older than yourself.
    Great shot, by the way. Technically, composition-wise, and really sharp. Minimalism that produced a complexity of memories and emotions.

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