repetition … repetition …

“Repetition” as a title, you ask? Hmmmm …

Study the passenger side door. Carefully. Then look at the structure behind the truck. I don’t know who did this, when, or how. I can’t tell if the image on the door, and on the structure in the photograph below, is a Photoshopped image or a painting of some sort.

I don’t know the make or model of the truck. Any one (Sam?) recognize the hood ornament?

I found this on Route 93 in northern Nevada, next to the tank scribed with “Everything has a price” I posted earlier. As an aside, the Pony Express trail runs through this place. I’m glad I stopped at the parking area and took a break from driving, otherwise I would never had seen either.

3 thoughts on “repetition … repetition …

  1. What an insanely beautiful art exhibit … installation … public art … gallery show. This took some very heavy concepting, some very free thinking, and a real nice touch. The dripping paint is an exquisite touch.

    Now, it may have been done by some meth-addled grade-school dropout who can’t even figure out how to properly panhandle (Hi, money. Say you you you give me maybe?).

    But it is freaking fantastic. Mark that point on a map and send it to me, please.

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