4 thoughts on “tree. with canyon.

  1. Greg – I’ve really enjoyed your canyon/Arizona series. This is my favorite because of the tree – finally something in the scale of a puny human amid that soul enriching beauty. I’m in awe of the tenacity of the vegetation clinging to the sloping surfaces. It is hard to imagine that as a fragile ecosystem. Really beautiful shot – thank you for posting.

    • Thank you, Dawn. Since my first visit, I have always gone to the Canyon almost wanting to just keep driving by and forgetting it. The thing is so immense, it feels impossible for this “puny human” to comprehend. Maybe that’s why I seek out “the thing,” like the tree, in the scenes that makes it something I can visually and conceptually begin to make sense of.

  2. Detail, detail, everywhere I look. And detail in the shadows and highlights. And that tree? Good eye, sir.

    • Perhaps I’m wanting to justify the following, but I made the switch from Canon to Nikon just before the recent and coming series of shots. To my eye, I’m getting more of that overall detail you’re mentioning. I will take some credit for the detail in the shadows and highlights as a result of my working the image better than I ever have in Photoshop. I’m still learning and discovering stuff after all these years.
      Also, that tree is everything. I would not have taken the shot without it being there. That’s part of what I meant in my first post in this series about not taking pictures of the canyon … the hole in the ground … rather the things that the canyon brings alive.
      Thanks, Denny.

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