2 thoughts on “the crossing …

  1. Nice. I really like the way you’ve taken advantage of the snow and light to shape how we move through the shot. Rather than take us from top-left to bottom right, we enter bottom left (a usual exit point) and move up to the right, then out top left. A really well-done reversal of our normal tracking.
    But wait! There’s more. After we exit, we are irresistibly drawn back in and regard just the white of the snow, and the very slight differences in shading throughout the white become clearly evident as we complete our look at the shot. You had the happy circumstance to find perfect light for this shot, and the smarts to recognize it.

    • Thanks, Greg. I shot this a few years ago. In RAW, it’s rather bland. I’ve tried several takes on it over the years. This is the only one I’ve liked.

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