it’s alive!! the desert, that is.

The desert outside Tucson, Arizona … once a year for about 4 to 5 days, the flowers drop by. It was good to be there this year for it all.

A crop from the original version, spines and all. We tend to carry crops of our memories with us … the beauty of a lover is a snapshot in our heads, the idea of infinity is represented by that one shocking look into the heart of the Grand Canyon, a flower crop of the colors and cacti are enough to triggle memories of the whole experience. And sometimes, a crop of an experience can be more beautiful that the whole of the real thing. This seems wrong, but it is the way of things.

3 thoughts on “it’s alive!! the desert, that is.

  1. Nice Greg, and I agree. What the eye sees at the moment is often nothing like what the lens captured. Especially after culling, cropping, and processing. The second detail is captivating.

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