3 thoughts on “Currituck County Lawn Chair

  1. Your image is intriguing, your title is exceptional. I’m particularly caught up in how a sense of grassroots living can be seen as something beautiful, and bring about an internal consideration of social stratification and cultural identity. You’ve caught a perfect example of why art is important across society.
    And it really is a great shot for its composition and emotive powers. It’s great to look at. And look at.

  2. Thank you Greg. This was one of those shots that was tricky to get but I absolutely could not pass it by. I had to stop in a center turn lane on a busy 5 -lane bypass, and then try to frame it right as I inched along snapping quickly. That chair seemed like such an odd choice to put out on “the playground”. The image has been fun to play with in terms of processing. I have it in several different forms now and can’t decide which I like the best.

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