5 thoughts on “Denver, Colorado – vol. 4

  1. That shot makes me want to touch that book, feel the raised letters. Is it an old volume? Did you open it? Did it smell like real paper? Old books are the best – thanks for the terrific shot.

  2. I didn’t fondle it, but I will when I go back after getting a macro lens. There’s a set of four of these in the history and genealogy section and yeah, they’re just wonderfully tactile….

  3. You don’t necessarily need a macro lens. First, they’re fairly slow, so shooting indoors can be an issue with motion or places that do not permit tripods. Increasingly, much of my close-up work has been shot with a fixed focal-length f/1.8 50mm lens. It’s the sharpest of all my lense — and a helluva lot cheaper than my 100mm macro.

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