vacation, hiatus, time out, break …

Since the inception of 5280 Lens Mafia in August of 2012, I have posted 1,173 times — almost daily for more than two years. These realizations come to mind:

• Quantity is a lousy substitute for quality.

• Slipping into sloppy habits sneaks up on you.

• I’m tired.

There’s another important realization: I have made friends around the world here. Fans, even. You know who you are. You’re all queued up in the line of “likes” below my images. I am grateful for your loyalty.

But I’m worn out. It has dawned on me that posting daily had become the goal of my photography rather than posting well. I have leaned on the routine of posting rather than on capturing the imagination of a mind’s eye.

That needs to change. I need to, as better photographers might say, rediscover my muse.

So I’m on hiatus. But I’ll be back. I just don’t know whether it will be 10 minutes from now, or 10 days, or 10 weeks, or 10 months.

Cheers, all.

7 thoughts on “vacation, hiatus, time out, break …

  1. Bravo Denny, art should be pleasurable and exciting, something to look forward to…not a drudge. I have to say though, you have highly intrigued me with your filtered stylings of late and you really make me want to experiment. Have fun, be safe!

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