Folded over

2014-10-25 06.43.14

Recently I was left spending many hours waiting for a flight… the result was time to play with my camera phone. This image resulted from an attempt to bend a pano shot. It didn’t really bend so much as folded over itself. It was a complete accident, couldn’t do it again if I tried. It’s unusual – hope you like it too.

Inside or outside?

2014-10-25 09.19.54

In this particular morning light I was struck by the role of this glass front – visually it appears to fail at keeping the outside out or the inside in… an interesting notion to ponder with morning coffee at the airport.

Redesigned dog

100 year anniversary Greyhound Bus

This is the newest version of the Greyhound logo – looks almost liquid to me. Those brand new Greyhound buses are beautiful inside. They have more amenities than most domestic airlines…

Great Falls

2014-10-30 15.12.34

Panorama shot of Great Falls Park, Virginia. As I recall the area here is the boundary between the Piedmont Plateau and the Atlantic Coastal Plain. I spent loads of my childhood exploring this area and sunning myself on the flat rocks.