3 thoughts on “100 Barrels of Beer on the Wall: Boneyard Beer

  1. Very interesting shot, Sam. The flat-panel effect on the left side countered by the detail and complexity on the right. I appreciate your choice of B&W here because it heightens the contrast of the two sides by not allowing me to try to isolate details on the right that I would be doing if it were still color. Good work.

  2. There’s a strong suspicion on my part that you invented a time machine, went back a century, and shot the backroom of a speakeasy. That sense is a great quality of this image.

  3. Thanks. This is one of those shots that the wide angle lens was made for, really – it would have been hard to get that variable depth of field without it.

    I doubt I’m ever going to love this shot – you know me and my affinity for color and shiny and pretty – but I think I managed to stretch myself in an interesting direction.

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