7 thoughts on “Boil: Home Brewing Day at Boneyard Beer

  1. But here’s the real question to my mind … what do you want this to say? What response do you want to create? I figure those kind of questions to be what we should use to determine our treatments of the image. Quite often, it seems to me, the prettiest image is the worst one. It just sits there. But if you manage to get an image to say something, you’re there.

    • You know, Greg, I’m not always sure. It isn’t just that there are multiple pictures I can’t decide between, they each represent an implied narrative and I can’t decide which of those stories is better.

      I’m sort of Schroedinger’s Photographer, I guess……

  2. I like No. 2. Just that hint of color — and the fact that it’s a flame — creates the most meaningful image of the three for me.

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