3 thoughts on “Omen

  1. Very cool, Sam. Uh, what is it? I certainly would not want to show this to a child I was babysitting just before bedtime.
    On a technical level … Not centered / your choice? Heavy grain / your choice? Heavily vignetted on sides and bottom / your design? Reflections top left / shot through a window? Were you trying to say something beyond Omen/Ominous?
    Not criticizing, just curious.

  2. It’s a piece of metal art from that place up in Sisters. The answer to all your technical questions is yes. And the name – it looked kind of Chinese dragonish, in way, so I set about snooping into metal dragon. One thing I found characterized the metal dragon as being an omen. So I ran with it. The finished product has a dark, ominous feel to it, so yeah, I’m playing with the tone in the title, as well. Probably a lot more thinking and discussion of this that the particular shot merits, but there it is.

    Here’s the raw shot.

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