3 thoughts on “ghostly …

  1. What I’m loving so much about some of your recent shots is the way you divide light and shadow. I noted this on a shot a few weeks back – it looks as though it was staged very carefully in a studio. Which tools did you use to do this?

    • This is a balancing act. I begin with solarization, which is a stark, dramatic effect. I play with the exposure slider first to quiet it down. Next, I add bleach (but not on this one) to see what happens. Bleach following solarization often results in a fog-like effect. Next, I add tonal contrast. The midrange slider usually brings detail out of the black to soften the high contrast that solarization produces. Then, generally, finish with glow. Sometimes all this causes fringing about lines — you can see a bit of it on the outline of the flower. That can be dealt with in Bridge.

      • Interesting. I need to explore some of the effects I don’t usually play with, like solarization and tonal contrast. I use bleach a lot, but I use it very differently.

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