2 thoughts on “The Friends of Mr. Cairo

  1. Looks like Analog Efex here. Your recent few have a graininess I associate with Tri-X, a film I used decades ago. It’s a dramatic change from the clean, crisp, otherwordly look of some of your glass as well as car work. It’s a refreshing change.

  2. Yep – actually, Silver Efex followed by Analog Efex. I think I might have included a Dark Contrasts step in there, too. But in general, yeah, I’m playing with some new tools and effects and even on a car shot the result is vastly different from the usual. In this case it’s because the usual wasn’t going to work thanks to the background elements, which I couldn’t get around.

    It’s fun knowing I have more options at my disposal.

    And Analog Efex fucking rulz.

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