4 thoughts on “New Jerusalem

  1. These are arresting images, and you’ve provided two entirely different sensibilities to them. That’s well done. I suspect mood of the moment would be the differentiator for a prospective buyer.

  2. I’m using some effects in the new Nik suite, which I just got. I didn’t set out to create what remind me of graphic novel panels, but I sort of tripped over this while – again – experimenting with the new toys.

    I feel myself moving further and further along the continuum from photographer to photo artist

    • I agree. Most of my shooting lifetime has been tied to photorealism — reflect what’s there. Now? Not so much. Now it’s “what do I want see?” there.

  3. And I think this is really cool. I’m glad there are incredibly good photorealists out there and I love seeing their work. It just isn’t what I want to do, and that’s great because I’m not as good as they are and also it would suck if we all wanted to do the same stuff.

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