6 thoughts on “Bodie Island Lighthouse

  1. Cyndi, I like this one because it screws with my reality. We’ve got lighthouses out here on the West Coast, but they seem puny against what I see here. At first, my mind just registers the lighthouse. And then … and then I begin to examine the size of the trees and the buildings against it, and by Gawd and all that’s holy and nbt, I see that this lighthouse is one immense honking building. The resulting diminuation of the fence, the houses, the trees makes them all so insignificant. I begin thinking of how a person standing next to the lighthouse would look. And the word insignificance comes to mind.
    Question … is it near the ocean? How does that look as a shot, if so? And wasn’t that supermoon incredible? And not to get too carried away here, but it sends another message about the size of things. The supermoon is only what? about 12% larger than the normal moon, and yet that difference becomes so incredibly dynamic and dramatic.
    In kind, your lighthouse may be only 12% taller than ours, but that breakout from the expected set of sizes makes it spectacular to me. Oh-oh. I’ve just developed a headache and it’s all your fault. I’m going to go lie down now.

  2. Greg this comment cracks me up! Hope you have recovered now! This lighthouse is 156 feet tall (if what I just read is correct) and it is not “near the ocean” in terms of the water being visible from land at that location. But if you look at a map of the Outer Banks, everything is “near the ocean” and also the sound. We are a skinny sandbar hanging off the east coast. One of our lighthouses, The Cape Hatteras lighthouse, was actually moved recently as it was too close to the water’s edge. That one is the tallest brick lighthouse in the US at 210 feet. Moving that thing more inland was an engineering marvel! As for the supermoon, it wasn’t terribly impressive here on that night. I have seen them before that were just amazing but here this one was not anything terribly special. I have seen great pictures of it in other places though!

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