7 thoughts on “storm over the farm …

  1. Wow that’s spectacular! And a very interesting contrast to the image I just posted. Two extremes in terms of land and sky.

  2. very nice, Denny. most cool bottom crop. please keep playing in this subject. it really suits you. curious, how well does the color version work? does it retain its drama?

    • Thanks. I cropped it that way because I wanted the farm building to seem insignificant comparatively. In color, it’s not quite so dramatic. Translation: I cheated nature.

  3. What really makes this shot work is the light on the house. The clouds are so huge and imposing, dwarfing everything else, but the house almost glows. Were I to be a man who engaged in artistic interpretation – which I am not, as you know – I might wonder if perhaps I was seeing some kind of subtle statement about the value of hope in the darkest of hours.

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