6 thoughts on “Solitude in the Sand

  1. Absolutely wonderful. So many ways to interpret this. Such a great image in photographic terms alone, forget interpretations. I would expect this to be a great seller.

  2. Thanks Denny and Greg. I was at the top of this dune trying to shoot the very dramatic sky that was happening in the opposite direction when this girl caught my eye. The wind was blowing very hard and it made the sand look soft and silky (but boy did it sting when it hit exposed skin!). And I think the soft tranquil sky works better as her backdrop. Just printed it to take to market next week so I hope you are right Greg!

  3. Just damn. What a fantastic, classic shot. It’s hard to work with cloudless sky, but that tone works so well against the textured sand, and the solitary figure – if you hadn’t told us how you got the shot I’d have figured it was a model that you placed and posed. One of your best, which is saying something.

    • Thank you Sam! I got lucky for sure. As you have written, sometimes it’s just about being at the right place at the right time, with the camera ready.

      • I got right place/right time lucky with that chipmunk this morning. How come your right place/right times are so much damned better than mine?

        Don’t answer that.

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