Waiting out the rain

Galway - retreat from the rain

I’m working on being less of a chicken when it comes to shooting people. I’m far from brave yet… I was safely inside having a warm bowl of stew when the heavens opened up and these lovely folks took cover under the awning. I hope they made it home to a nice dry place.

3 thoughts on “Waiting out the rain

  1. Good on you for becoming less chicken. I’m full-bore chicken. I suppose that’s why I shoot landscapes. This is a nice shot. I find it fun that the person on the left is blocked out. I really don’t need her. The intensity of the woman on the right is the story. Great expression. She’s either very, very interested, or so very bored to tears she’s become like stone. Nowhere in-between. Please keep doing this. This is nice work.

    • Thanks for the supportive comments. Agreed – it was her expression that made me pull out the camera. I did it without thinking – which is likely how the shot happened at all. I like all the hands in the shot too – and the voyeuristic view out the window. It’s very different than shooting the natural world or man-made objects. We’ll see how it goes.

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