4 thoughts on “Behind The Fence

  1. This is a complicated picture Cyndi, I love all the textures and different colored reflections coming off the chain link. Is it an old amusement park? The flourish in the concrete seems too whimsical for an industrial area.

  2. I have no idea what that thing is behind the fence but it was made of wood. I came upon it in an industrial area where there are all kinds of odd colorful things behind fences. I love to explore there.

  3. Thanks Denny. I could do an entire exhibit of the photos I have taken there. It is the same place where the channel markers live (from previous posts). I worry that I am going to get stopped by the cops one day though – I drive very slowly down those streets and it probably looks like I am plotting evil as I study the buildings and fences, then circle around and do it again and again. It all just fascinates me.

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