2 thoughts on “forest colors …

  1. Man, I love the color contrast here.

    I have a question. For the most part, I can’t help reading and shooting left to right. I have shots that even though they’re technically exactly what I want, they bug me because they’re facing left. Which is backward. Facing the past. The wrong way. And so on. I’ve even played with flipping them horizontally to make them flow the right way. But you aren’t bothered by this. A lot of your work faces left, as with this shot, where the fan of the needles opens to the “back” side of the shot instead of to the future.

    Are you ever conscious of this? Is this just something weird about me?

    • Interesting observation. I’ve only been aware of “facing” issues when I was designing pages back in the news biz. You know the story: Don’t have someone in a photo looking “off the page” instead of “into the page.”

      In this image, I see it differently: You see the needles fanning left; I see them concentrating right.

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