5 thoughts on “REO

  1. The first for mw is all about the headlight and the car, whereas the secpnd image is more the name with the headlight as an interesting detail. As a single image I dont have a strong attraction to one other the other.

    Not sure if that has been helpful or not.

  2. Thanks. You’re observation is on the money. I have done the same kind of thing before with my Bel Air panorama – if you use the broader cut, it’s about the car. If you use the tighter cut, it’s more of a brand abstract. I like both, but am curious as to what the photo buying public thinks. With this one (and the Bel Air shot, for that matter) I personally like the tighter abstracts. In some respect they both strike me as more “artistic,” although I fully understand that there is a great argument to be had that I have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Either way, though. I like the top cut a lot, and would give anything if they’d let me take the car out for a spin.

    • I prefer the top version. I realize the conceptual difference: one emphasizes “carness,” the other is about the logo. Dealer’s choice, I guess, but I’m more into the car images than the logos.

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