9 thoughts on “Hound

  1. If ever there was a difficult exposure problem, this is it. Keeping the detail without fully blowing out the highlights is tough. Nice work.

  2. Can’t wait to see your shots. I had a dismal time shooting in there – all those reflective surfaces and the huge wall of windows and uneven light. I’m sorry I hadn’t mentioned this place to you before. Of course you would enjoy the Le May…

    • My mistake, Sam. A polarizer does not work on metallic reflections. I knew this, but had one of those brain fogs when I asked the question. I was thinking that if there were a way to control the intensity of the highlights, you might have yourself a very different image and I’d be quite interested in seeing it, too.

    • Many thanks. It was a very tough shoot, owing to the fact that I have a degenerative inner ear condition that makes balancing difficult and holding a camera still enough to get a shot like this damned near impossible. That coupled with a no-tripods rule (what is with this state’s hatred of tripods, by the way – this is the third venue I’ve encountered that bans them, and one was the freakin’ public library) meant that I had to shoot everything two or three times because I knew I’d have to throw half of it out.

      This one I managed to wrestle to the ground, and getting that light glint is something of an invisible triumph. Glad someone liked it.

      • A true achievement without a tripod! Someone probably tripped over one once and they outlawed them once and for all. Rules are often made without balanced representation, I’m afraid.

  3. You’re probably right. I can kinda understand the rationale for one of the three places – the Chihuly museum, which full of ridiculously expensive glass – but I have far less patience for the damned library.

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