11 thoughts on “Golden Years

  1. Mutiny! I like the bottom one. Might be interesting rotated with the keel/stern? on the bottom so you can no longer tell it’s a boat. In the top one, I find the brass keel/stern too in my face. Interesting subjects-I hope to see more!

  2. All in all, I think I need to go back up there and have another go at this one from the side – 45 degrees on. That would take the less interesting port side out of play. My instinct that the time was to shoot the deteriorated symmetry, but we know by now that it sometimes takes me two or three trips to get it right.

  3. The top one. Cat’s right. Context is critical here … and we don’t even need to know what it is, if, like here, the bottom horizontal provides clear visual balance. Balance is everything, which is why the others fail for me.

  4. of the three, the top. Like you suggest, I think a different angle could really get you something. You make me laugh, at myself, because I also often have to either spend a lot of time or revisit to capture what I’m feeling.

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