4 thoughts on “spring-time. into the woods, finally.

  1. You captured this so well – the light is perfect. The far back right of the image is terrific. I see the woods like this and never get it captured.

    • Thanks, Dawn. But I think this is like one out of a thousand that’s worked this well. HDR shooting (3 images, not processing) and the polarizer helped tremendously. I’ve also started looking for paths the eye follows, and major points of interest. I used to just blast away at something that looked interesting without considering how the viewer’s eye would track, or what objects/lighting they would need. I hope I’m getting better.

      • How ever you did this – it is beautiful. Seriously I stand amid the woods here and see the light in spots in the distance and never get the capture. Maybe you have also developed an eye for the forests of the PNW. I’d love to see what you would capture from the Hoh Rainforest. Been there yet?

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