winter’s relentless weight …

I have always believed a fifth season exists. It occurs, albeit briefly, between winter and spring, and is more noticeable in some years than others.

Consider, please, what winter does: It oppresses. Snow has heft. It is weighty. Over time, it bears down on everything. Branches break; roofs collapse. Brush is crushed; grass is pummeled into flatness. When most of the snow vanishes, for a few days the earth, I think, does not dare breathe: Is winter gone? Really gone?

For the past few days, now that I have both arms free to use again, I’ve been shooting what winter has trampled. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting these images of grass, leaves, lingering ice, fleeting snow flakes, and others. I’m afraid they’re a bit depressing.

But in a few weeks, green will emerge. Buds will bud. My down parka will be parked for several months.

Man, do I need spring to get its ass in gear soon …

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