3 thoughts on “Boddhisatva

  1. I keep returning to look at this. There’s so much to take in — the arcing sweep of the brick sidewalk, the tree trunk on the left, the building on the right … and the tree in middle, marrying the sky. This is a wonderful example of thoughtful composition.

  2. Thanks, Denny. I think much of what works is an accident, though. For instance, that tree is two trees, and I wasn’t even thinking about the implications of this when I shot (the Boddhisatva thing didn’t occur to me until I was ready to post it). I did line that sidewalk up, though. I want to go back and see if I can get this one again with no people. Either that or a more interesting person. The person eating on that bench is kind of banal.

    Of course, it’s rainy today, and I fear the petals will all be washed away without me getting a chance to capture this when it’s “snowing,” which is the hope.

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