10 thoughts on “Deep Forest

  1. You and I usually have similar taste Dawn but I like the warmer glow of the first one this time. Agree on the B/W though, it steals the essence of the blossoms. And now I finally understand these images, I’ve never seen moss on cherry tree trunks so when Sam first posted this I thought, “why’s he taking pictures of broken blossoms sitting on the ground?” It’s suckers on a mossy trunk, I’ve never seen that before, neat!

  2. I’m for the middle. The warmth of the top takes the edge off the whites. It’s a little less brilliant because of that.

  3. I agree with Denny and Dawn. The natural colors of the center one. There’s a principle in art that’s rung true for me all my life (I think this is true, but I might have made it up … it’s been a decently long life and the memory … huh? What?) … the idea is that certain objects are rejected by the mind when they are slightly off. For example, a slightly larger-than-life sculpture of a head, a portrait that is just a bit off in color, etc.
    We’ve built up an expectation for certain things in life, and when they’re *slightly* off, it appears a mistake has been made by the artist (or in the case of people, they appear ill). However, we’re good with these things when they are obviously larger/smaller than normal, or more than just shifted in terms of color. The deliberate act, rather than probable error, appears to be understood and appreciated.
    And yeah, B&W for cherry blossoms is just wrong.

  4. The thing is, Greg, that the second one is bleached. The top one is well saturated, but is the purer process. In the middle I bleached everything but the flowers to make them pop more. In truth neither of the three is a naturalist take, I guess.

  5. I suppose of the three, I’m partial to the second one. However, on the first I think the saturation enriches the photo, but the yellow/orange tone is a bit too much. I wonder if you added a bit of blue tint to it, if that wouldn’t bring in more in color balance?

  6. I played with the tone here quite a bit. When I cooled it out – went blue, that is – it gave it almost a terrarium feel. Which was interesting, but inconsistent with the actual setting. So I opted for the warm side of the spectrum. I may be able to play with it and have my cake and eat it, too, though. PS is wonderful for that kind of thing.

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