6 thoughts on “Butterflies: Genus Storch

  1. If there’s a PBY in that museum, Denny wants a photo … badly. This is a great image. Folding wings for a float plane? Once carried on ships, catapault-launched, and brought back on board with a derrick?

    • Apologies to Sam for bombing in a photo on his post… but Denny there is a PBY in the area. I shot it at the airshow last September – the same airshow that features this collection Sam is shooting. It did an water drop for fun and to show-off.

    • I love that you are shooting these planes for their pure design elements. There are loads of sites for photos specifically about the air frame and it’s aviation history – I love your eye on their design.

  2. You’re definitely looking at these from a none aviation perspective Sam and it’s very interesting. The Storch was a light reconnaissance and liaison craft for the German Army. Similar to our Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper but much better power to weight and flight characteristics. The folding wings were for trailer or towed transport, they were strictly ground based.

    The PBY Catalina flying boats were amazing craft as well. I always thought converting one to a RV and travelling the world’s oceans would be a great adventure if you could afford the maintenance and avgas. Denny, lots of images and video about them here http://www.pbycat.org/

  3. I really like the way this one works, Sam. That “butterfly” aspect you mentioned earlier comes full-form here. And I can easily, visually separate out the individual components. I think that’s what’s making it work especially well for me as contrasted to my earlier concerns with the silver plane. Thanks.

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