4 thoughts on “Butterflies: Genus Tomahawk

  1. This place must be severely taxing your sense of composition. Planes ain’t small, and there’s all this stuff that’s visually distracting above and around them. Then there’s the glare on the concrete floor. You appear to be coping with all this quite nicely. This is a damn good image.

  2. Not that, although I’m a bit stumped. I thought I had recorded the IDs of all the planes, but now I can’t figure out which this was, and looking at the pics of the planes they have on the site isn’t helping.

  3. Thanks, Denny. In this case, I just centered on the tail and fired. There’s a lot going on, no doubt, and less in this one than in some of the others. But heck, I like bright shiny, right?

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