6 thoughts on “Butterflies: Genus Hellcat

  1. Dyin’ with envy here. I’m really going to like this series. You could spend years in there (so please do).

  2. The wings are folded (been trying to sort out what I am seeing)… cool shot. What would it look like if you removed the 1942 banner hanging over the air frame? It is at an angle inconsistent with all those sharp edges in the shot.

    • I thought about that, Dawn, and may give it a try. Sometimes I get really into manipulating those kinds of elements, and this time decided to go for the as-is look. But that banner is distracting….

  3. I’ve really got to say the apparent photo manip has made it an impossible image. I cannot say what I’m looking at here. Everything’s the same. Is the original image this uniformly a single color?

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