4 thoughts on “Prepare for Water Landing

  1. Thank you. This is a great edit. It’s hard to do … go past what we have already created and figured as done. This is very powerful. All sorts of associations with other places and times from the framing, the pontooned plane perfectly working with the title …

    • I watched a video by a guy who was talking about taking incredible landscapes. He had a very simple rule about it, similar to being in the right place at the right time.
      His words were something like, “If you want to take great landscape shots, go where the great landscapes are.”
      Since then, I’ve really been noticing how many of these great landscape shooters tend to take the same shot and put it in their portfolios.

  2. No doubt. I like to try and find new and interesting perspectives – I know that most of the great shots have been done, but if I can find a fresh angle it helps me establish my own voice. That said, there are what I guess we’d call the compulsories. I’m in Seattle, so yeah, the Space Needle needs to be in a shot. But if I can avoid being too conventional about it I’m happy. Everybody painted the crucifixion, but not like Dali did… 🙂

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