Careful what you ask for…

Frank said in his last post he wasn’t going to post again until one of us stepped up… I present for your consideration – falling cows. There is a group in Flickr called stick figures in peril – which gave me the idea to shoot this sign in New Mexico. Can you imagine what happened to generate a state issued road sign of this nature?

12 thoughts on “Careful what you ask for…

    • I made my husband stop the car. I leapt out and ran back to the sign… I wondered if someone added the cow to the sign, but no – it was issued that way. I saw several more of them too. How funny.

      • As a young man I was a rock hound Dawn and New Mexico is a mineral hunter’s dream. The Gila (He-la) River outside of Silver City was one of my favorite camping spots and has lots of old Flourspar mines (used as a flux in steel making) with the prettiest green and purple fluorite specimens. Oh great, now you have me dreaming of blues skies and crystal clear waters running beside rich outcroppings of natural treasures…but here I am at the salt mine chained to my desk (LOL). The New Mexico School of Mines has an amazing mineral museum in Socorro if you ever get a chance to stop in it’s well worth an hour or two side trip.

  1. I laugh everytime I see that sign at the entrance to Red River, which is a quirky little ski town north of Taos and on the enchanted circle loop. I apologize for the pseudo-advertisement.

  2. I’m imagining a movie featuring Frank, Dawn, Greg and Denny driving around New Mexico and Zona looking for rocks and weird signs. I’m trying to cast the film in my head. Obviously Meryl Street plays Dawn. If he were still alive Dennis Hopper would get the Greg role. Morgan Freeman would play Denny. Still thinking about Frank, but I’m certain this would be a hit.

  3. I remind more than a few people of Jerry Garcia Sam. Tell Denny to leave his ‘shroom stash at home though because I don’t think my heart could take it and you and Ronan better plan on coming along for the ride too. Maybe we could stop at a commune outside of Truth or Consequences and find a nice hairy legged hippy gal to bring home with you? Moon Beam McGillicuddy is her name, macrame flower pot holders is her game 8^)

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