7 thoughts on “Time to Go Home: The Market Arms, Seattle

      • They do a great full English. Yum, then nap. 🙂 Diamond Knot is a craft brew operation in the north end. In linking this I discovered they have just opened a new pub in Mountlake Terrace… that’s trouble. I’m a bit of a light weight – so I really enjoy their Blonde. Field trip?

      • Thank goodness (LOL). I didn’t think you were a breakfast beer kinda guy Sam. Now I can “like” the picture (which I do) without worrying about enabling risky behavior. Happy hour is at 4 and we stop at dinnertime…an old Dila-lush family rule 8^)

    • Exactly. There are too many dead drunks in my family to ever recommend that practice…maybe a brunch mimosa or bloody mary on vacation but once alcohol starts being an all day every day deal, the goose’s liver is assuredly cooked.

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