Windows 2010

Here’s another set from my Ireland trip.  Just windows.  The first two are from the Charles Fort ruins outside of Summer Cove, Kinsale Harbor, County Cork.  Same as one of the doors from last time.

Recursive windows.

I desperately wish I could go back and re-shoot this one directly on, but I seem to recall we were shooting down at it and there really was no good way to take the shot short of lowering the camera down some how.

This next one is Teampall Bhreacain.  I think it was originally built in the 8th century but things were added on to it for the next two centuries.  Now, it’s mostly a ruin.  If you Google it, you’ll see a bazillion pictures just like this one so it’s not terribly unique.  I still like it, though.  I bet if you waited to do this at sunset or sunrise, you could get a spectacular shot.

Teampall Bhreacain

This last one is back at Charles Fort.  And it’s really not a window so much as a hidden alleyway between the walls. But at the back, it kinda looks like a window.  And it’s a good way to transition to my next set.  Ha.

Alleyway in Charles Fort

2 thoughts on “Windows 2010

  1. Yeah. That last one is kinda haunting with that green color. You’da had a field day with your tripod. We only had a couple of hours there and that included a guided tour. We actually stayed a little longer than we were supposed to and the guy running our group was worried that we got lost some how. Oh, well.

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