4 thoughts on “Diver down

  1. I can hear the marker buoy bells and far off foghorns, and smell the salty slightly fishy air as waves lap gently against the moorings. I wonder what the diver is harvesting…crabs, lobster, abalone? Great, 5:57 in the morning and your stupid picture is making me hungry Sam. (G)

  2. Actually there was a foghorn. No idea what the diver was up to – never saw him/her. But this is a popular dive spot. You see the SCUBA crowd there a lot. So there must be something interesting in the area.

    • I can’t imagine what is down there worth all that equipment, time and effort. And that water is cold… The divers in Edmonds don’t harvest anything – the area is a marine sanctuary.

  3. Maybe whoever it was just wanted to dive and explore. Maybe they’re practicing? I don’t know enough about either SCUBA or what’s under the water around there to have much of a clue.

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