greg asked – was is ever really like this?

Our colleague greg stene posed that title question yesterday. He asked if we had an image of summer to share.

Whilst this image lacks all sorts of technical correctness – I offer it not for that review, but for the moment of over-the-top light and green that comes from a summer day of abandon. Visiting family in Virginia last May – out on a walk and came past a big empty lot that nature was slowly reclaiming. A beautiful field of buttercups carpeted the space between the street and this hidden structure at the back of the lot. The subtle yellow brick, the creeping honeysuckle in full bloom and the graceful tall oaks at the end of this little piece of land composed a snapshot moment of summer.

2 thoughts on “greg asked – was is ever really like this?

  1. Umm … leaning up against the wall, the gentle warmth seeping into your back, eyelids getting droopy but struggling open to appreciate the buttercups. For just an instant too brief to remember clearly later, you blend into it all and you’re no longer the visitor … you’re a pure sensing being, knowing only the experience of the moment … you stop breathing … breathing is an intrusion so you let out that last half-breath for a soft beat of the heart, and now yes … your intake of air is just right now. You’ve had your time here. You can walk around, examine it for photographic qualities, for how nice it looks, for remembering. You’ll leave, knowing it … and knowing it.

  2. I wish I had a summer shot to offer. But this one I really like because of the comment it offers on nature vs technology. We get used to development running roughshod over nature, but the things we make require constant maintenance. If we leave them alone for awhile, nature moves right back in. We’re fast and aggressive, while it’s patient and relentless. We think in terms of days and minutes, it thinks in terms of eons.

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