Sam Smith, Top This!

obsession car

I was so excited to finally see this thing in a parking lot – AND I HAD MY CAMERA WITH ME!!! I had seen it from a distance before …

I also title this “Beyond Obsession”. Someone actually drives this vehicle around town.

Check out the passenger seat.

And “OMG Creepy!!!” is a fitting title as well.

I got a picture of the owner as he left this store. His attire was quite consistent with the theme going on here. Not going to post that one though!

11 thoughts on “Sam Smith, Top This!

  1. It’s a piece of work, is it not?! Seriously, how can this guy be walking among us, let alone scaring the bajeezus out of young children everywhere by driving this thing around? Talk about nightmares. How do you explain this one to a 6 year old?!

  2. Sam you are too kind. I thought of a few other labels for him but I will put on my southern belle hat and try to be ladylike and kind as well. Perhaps he is just a creative soul like us and this is his canvas. To each his own. If this is how he chooses to let his freak flag fly then hopefully no one is getting hurt in the process. But I do have to wonder what goes on behind closed doors in that house!

  3. Real artists don’t take instruction from the Peanut Gallery. He has his muse and he has his vision and he’s obviously stayed true to the voices in his head…and lord knows what he has duct taped, ham strung, and half dissected in the basement >8^O

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