Photography in Seattle: Two Shows

Some of us here at 5280LM do shows of our work (and sometimes even sell a shot or two). I currently have two shows running and took some shot of the venues to prove it.

First, this is the lineup at Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub in West Seattle.

You can see our friend Ed staring enigmatically out from the Colorado high country as the nice couple tries to concentrate on lunch. He’s already sold three times. I wish people liked the rest of my shots as much as they do that photobombing horse

This is the back room at The Collins Pub in Pioneer Square. Apologies here – these were taken in very low light with my iPhone, so the image quality leaves something to be desired.

If you’re in or around Seattle, the Collins show runs through the end of the month. I’m up in Elliott Bay through February.

4 thoughts on “Photography in Seattle: Two Shows

  1. Thank you. This was wonderful to see in reality. It makes it so much more real. This dream of showing and selling the work … it really is not so silly after all, is it?
    I have to ask. How did you mount on the brick?

  2. There are a lot of holes in that wall from past shows. Mostly I worked with existing holes (and nails) when possible.

    And no, it isn’t silly. I think with you it’s a matter of time. You’ve never really shot with the idea of selling – in fact, until recently you were wrestling with that commercial purpose pretty aggressively. As you swap out the filters, inserting “will someone buy this” into your way of viewing the process, you’re going to start clicking on things you’d have maybe ignored before.

    I could be wrong, but Greg now and Greg a year ago a noticeably different shooters.

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