15 thoughts on “Soundside Serenity

  1. Thank you Frank. I am blessed to have this gorgeous piece of paradise almost in my own backyard. The Outer Banks is a magical place to live and visit.

  2. Wow. Just plain wow. Aside from all the obvious things, I’m really liking the left-to-right movement in my viewing of this work. Retaining the reed border at the bottom was very smart.

  3. Greg I am glad you commented on the reeds at the bottom. I have several versions of this scene and couldn’t decide (a la Sam Smith!) which one was my favorite. It came down to with or without the reeds basically. Nice to get confirmation that that wasn’t a bad decision!

  4. No I don’t tend to do long exposures. Plus I didn’t have a tripod with me that day. And with the cold temps I tend to shoot with a fast shutter speed to avoid the chilly willy shakes (that’s a technical term). I just looked at the info – I shot this on shutter priority mode at 500 oddly enough. ISO 125. It was just an unusually calm day, setting sun.

  5. The proverbial calm before the storm! It was an interesting day because the waves on the ocean were enormous. Two extremes which were both beautiful to observe. One of the many joys of life on a sandbar!

  6. Wow Denny I am honored and flattered. It is probably one of the best shots I have ever taken. Sometimes things just all come together, right place right time, right equipment, etc. I am eager to see it in print. I hope it translates to paper as well as it does to screen!

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