Second Thoughts?

second thoughts bride

I felt a bit voyeuristic snapping this hilarious (to me anyway) photo of a bride and groom at Cape Hatteras last weekend. I wasn’t sure whether to yell “Run for your life!” or just mind my own business. I kept quiet. I wish them eternal marital bliss.

4 thoughts on “Second Thoughts?

  1. First photographer (friend of the groom), “Don’t cry buddy, there’ll be plenty of time for that later.” Second photographer (ADD sufferer?), “WOW! Look guys, Sea Lion!” And the lonely bride piddy pawing across the sand thinking, “Screw this noise, I’m going shopping.” What a fun image Cyndi!

  2. Great analysis Frank! I wish I knew who these people were so I could send them this image. This would be a priceless addition to the wedding album!

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