8 thoughts on “ice lanterns …

  1. Damn. I love this series, but this above all the others.

    Oddly, though, I find myself thinking that dial back the saturation just a hair. The line of ornament-like stalactites is the compelling element but the colors in the water and the rocks draws the eye downward too aggressively.

    Did you ever think you’d hear ME saying “dial it back”? Still, this is one of your very best ever.

    • If you look at the ice, you’ll see there’s not that much saturation. See my note on my later shot (“water”) for a fuller explanation. But thanks for the comment.

      • Wow. Okay, never mind. I guess I see something like this and I start assuming that everyone engages in the kind of fuckery that I do. If that gold is natural I really need to see that stream someday.

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