10 thoughts on “Suspension

  1. Thanks. I never felt like it was an especially compelling shot as I took it, but I wondered if maybe I could bring something out of it in processing. The antiquing effect here I kinda like.

  2. That’s a fabulous manipulation Sam. And I just noticed how the museum offset the ties so they could spike the track down without reusing the old holes. That just adds to the steam punk feel.

  3. Very nice, Sam. Incredibly dramatic. How important was the antiquing effect, I wonder. I mean, how close would have a non-antiqued B&W reached toward what you’ve got going here? Just curious.

  4. As a train buff (I have my DVR set to record the train series on RFD-TV), I really appreciate this treatment. I like, too, that the caboose is crystal clear on the left.

  5. Comming off Denny’s comment on the technical aspect of clarity, can you let us know the lens you used, the focal length, the f-stop, where you focused, and how physically close you were to the front of your image. I’m asking because I’m having the devil of a time with my 10-20 wide-angle lens and hope to learn something. Thanks.

    • Okay. First, just for the curious, here’s a straight b/w take as well as the color HDR.

      These aren’t fully processed, but give you an idea for comparison.

      As for the tech specs for Greg.

      Device: Nikon D90
      Lens: 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G
      Focal Length: 10mm
      Aperture: f/22
      Shutter Speed: 1/2.5s
      Exposure Mode: Manual
      Exposure Comp.: 0EV
      Exposure Tuning:
      Metering: Matrix
      ISO Sensitivity: ISO 400

      Again, I’m a little mystified. I routinely seem to not care about images that others wind up liking. This I had pegged for a throwaway. It was a good processing exercise, I figured, but I’m surprised to learn than anyone cares about it beyond that.

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