distant memories …

Long ago, several friends and I spent New Year’s Day climbing Mount Monadnock in southwestern New Hampshire. We did this for about a decade before time and choices led us to other geographies. A monadnock is a mountain or hill that rises substantially above surrounding terrain. Geologists created the term from Mount Monadnock’s name.

This is one of my favorite places. I have climbed it either alone or with friends in rain, snow, snow, even in the light of a full moon. Some day, I hope to do so again. I shot these images Christmas Day from a hillside in my hometown about 60 miles away.

7 thoughts on “distant memories …

  1. Lovely image for a beautiful memory. Do they let you teach geography? They should – your memories, images and experiences would bring a lecture to life.

    • I planned to become a geologist and live in Alaska. Next thing you know, I’m a sportswriter. I still buy geology texts from time to time. And I own about half of the “Roadside Geology of [state name]” series. Sadly, so many of our undergrads have little interest in science.

  2. The blue rendering is my favorite Denny, mythical. As to science, indeed and a sorrowful turn it is. How can we be better humans without a basic understanding of ourselves and the world around us?

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